Done for the RIP of Arles in 2008 , this post is just here because finally this project belong to this blog and also to my personnal history and memory with Tangophoto International Photographers group (which end up in 2009) and my friends: Cyrille Weiner, Nathalie Desserme, Thierry Kleiner, Pablo Carrera Oser, Filippo Romano, David Damoison, Jan Michalko, Hisashi Murayama, Junku Nishimura, Joni Karanka, Jackson Eaton and I , Olivier Thébaud .

For the music my close friend Steven Venereau (E Swat)

In 9 mn you will jump to Venezuela, Italia, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Rep, England, Australia, USA, Japan, China, Turkey, Guyana, Brasil, Haïti, Burkina Faso , Estonia, Lituania… Enjoy…

So just big up to all and enjoy….personnaly I feel what Pablo told me one day : good photography is like good wine…

Wild walk ...

Probably Streetpulse learned and pushed me to see things with an accurate sense of editing…even with my own photography…but …from the street to the primeval forest, there is no difference, just some days which pass, so let’s see if the pulse is on the way.

Olivier Thébaud june 2013

Streetpulse  on the stage..

Photography is like life….
What does it all mean? I don’t know but you get an impression, a feeling…
An impression of walking through the street, wlaking through the park, walking through life. I’m very suspicious of people who say they know what it means…

Leonard freed

Music by Julien….

It’s so long that I had this project in my mind… after spending more than 3 years of blogging with Streetpulse, I started to have a certain bitterness with photography as I saw it around and was sure to be totttaly idealistic…but my project to buy a house in the countryside is about to push this again….far from the emptyness of the city…I should go back to real things and photography… I hope so…

More than one year without any internet research, months of silence after three years of regular posts point to me that it was time to go back to a certain concentration about my own works and projects.


Streetpulse had been a great experience, it help me to discover a lot of young talents and it bring to me a really strong energy.  169026 is the number of visitors, I hope it had bring few positiv links exchanges. Today more than any others days I deeply think that this blog, inspired by the 10 years of discussion with my friends of Tangophoto, was a transition to push the collectiv spirit in another way. Probably, as few people asked me to make exhibitions, magazine, multimedia shows with this blog I will see if something is possible.


Today after more than two months of preparation and writing, after  two months of concentration I am only focusing on my Middle East project and I will not be able to assume this blog rythm, as far as my travel and book project would take at least 2 years… So it is time to change something, keep the line, keep this blog open but probably it will start to look more like a roughbook than a place to discover, share and archive online the things  I like.


©Olivier Thebaud

So keep up and ….


©Pablo Carrera Oser


©Pablo Carrera Oser

Everything I could say about him would be  missrepresented as far as Pablo is a very old friend of mine. We follow each other with our group Tangophoto during more than 10 years…and even our project ended, we keep the same relation and never stop to work together like for Ante Portas.  Pablo is one of those people who bring to me the first vibes for this blog project and if you follow it you know him…

Pablo’s photographs belong to my memory and some of them became iconic for many of us…


©Pablo Carrera Oser

0 – hoy –  1 –  2 – beach – bs as – Concret city – Il – la nuit furiose – NYC

All this series make one real strong body of work and as Solange Brand, first photo editor of Le Monde Diplomatique, saied about him when she discovered him : “It make me feel well! It’s such a long time I didn’t saw a real photographer.”…

So just get lost on his personnal online blog


©Pablo Carrera Oser

One of his last serie, NYC,  wich I just discovered in it’s whole just make me feel that he is always more than a photographer…


©Pablo Carrera Oser

If you are in Paris and was not in Arles this year I would recommend you to go to there:

La Gallerie VU

17, Boulevard Henri IV
75004 Paris – France


Anders Petersen – JH Engström

From Back Home

Gallerie VU

From 11/09/09 to 31/10/09


Anders Petersen


JH Engström

“The land between Kläralven River and the chestnut tree at Ekallén is full of little hard memories of sad and lonely times, but there is also a streak of warm confidence that runs all the way up to Älgsjövallen, a place of fairy tale creatures and inquisitive moose. I’m carrying my camera, shooting these old dreams through the foliage. It means my memories can never be destroyed, because they no longer end in themselves”. Anders Petersen

“Maybe you can’t really go back home. But…

One more reason to go there is that the book  From Back Home, which got the author book award, Rencontres d’Arles 2009, is about to be out of print…



Anders Petersen


JH Engström


Anders Petersen

A while ago now, in february 2007, I made a post called “Manifesto” and  I used an image from Christophe Agou. From this post few  exchanges of emails and books with Christophe had concretized the connection.

So when I discovered his tottaly new website and his last work : Face au Silence, I really get touched by the sincerity and the feeling that came from his photographs.

Face au Silence

©Christophe Agou

Something is leaving: the farmers, the animals, the steam, the pan, the fields, the seasons, everything seem to be leaving here since century, in le Massif Central in France.

It is exactly like the description of my uncle when he speak about his grand father, a feeling of immortality submerged. It is now. Portraits remains and got printed in my memory immediatly.

Face au Silence

©Christophe Agou

Face au Silence

©Christophe Agou

Face au Silence

©Christophe Agou

Face au Silence

©Christophe Agou

This year the famous Leica Oskar Barnack price had been given to Mikael Subotsky, known for his intimate and in-depth study of the South African prison system.

Mikhael Subotzky win the Leica price with his extremely good work, already published last year and exhibited in the NYC’ MOMABeaufort West“.


©Mikhael Subotzky

A strong and straight point of view with a contemporary speech: Mikhael Subotzky’s work is exellent. The documentary form is here to say something, the critical mirror of Jean Paul Sartre is here also to show us something real. His work would fit to any kind of contest, from World Press Photo to Modern Art contest. So why this post tittle is “After Before“, wich is not Mikhael Subotzky’project tittle but Jim Goldberg’ project?

After before


After Before  by Jim Goldberg

Leica had the really good and innovativ idea to publish on their website all the entries of the contest (wich just can help next generation to make better). At first glance you can see that the baddest is mixed with the best. You also can see that some famous photographers,  who sometime won quiet all the Leica prices, are still on the fire… hard to play on the same court sometime…  To my eyes putting all the entries online is really good idea because it should push many photographers!


After Before by Jim Goldberg

All that words come into my head this morning because in the entries ,  I discovered this page and saw again, but shortly and extremly well edited the amazing, tottaly different work from Jim Goldberg, who also participated. It doesn’t fit in any drawer, in any school mood that exist today. Photography is used to say something, the medium is always the same, but tools are changings, the serie is here tottaly broken, distorted between large and medium format, drawings, writting…

This is just, with few others works I discovered since the two years I am doing that blog , one of the best work I ever seen…

After Before from Jim Goldberg would have definitely rock and shake the price….

This year he is on the guest list of Nan Goldin curation this year in Arles.

And all the time on Magnum website.


©Jim Goldberg


©Jim Goldberg


©Jim Goldberg

Rough Book is a personnal photo-stream. An “in progress” rough book, a webblog started few months ago. As all “in progress” works it is supposed to grew and evolve in the next months and will show its interest, or not…but it could be online on my official site in a year. Here from Streetpulse just a small door to follow the process…

Rough Book



©Olivier Thebaud



©Olivier Thebaud

This stream is my internet rough book…
It’s an online journal, with some doubts, mystakes, reactions, inspirations and images that become intimate not through a possible waited form  but because they all relate with some personnal moments of my life.


Juliette et Thierry

©Olivier Thebaud


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